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*No parking in Dynamo lot for anyone non-handicap or without a parking pass.

*Additional parking will be at Bowen Engineering (address below) and shuttled to Dynamo fields.


Please note: As space is limited in the Dynamo lot, please use player drop-off only in necessity.



Player drop-off Instructions:

  • When entering the lot, you can only make a right-handed turn coming from Meridian St.
  • Cars entering for player drop-off will be directed into two lanes separate from the buses.
  • When your athlete gets out of your car, please direct them to the crosswalk (refer to map for location) for safe passing.
  • Once cars pass the bus pick-up stop, you will merge into one lane with the buses (refer to map for location).
  • Then you will be directed out of the parking lot and asked to only make a right-handed turn toward College Ave.




Shuttle Instructions:

  • You will need to park at Bowen Engineering (see below)
  • A bus will come every few minutes for pick-up and shuttle you to Dynamo fields.
  • Please refer to map for drop-off and pick-up locations
  • Please note: NO CLEATS are allowed on buses




Bowen Engineering

8802 N. Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46260